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Personal injury - 
handled personally.

Our goal at The JMFlora Law Group is to provide the highest quality legal representation in injury litigation. Representing the injured is all we do. 

We realize you have many choices when it comes to selecting a lawyer. Let us give you peace of mind by knowing our dedicated firm is working to get you the maximum financial recovery so that you can get back to your life.

We are a presence in Colorado and Virginia, along with a vast network of affiliated firms across the country

Practice Areas
Car Accidents
medical negligence
Wongful Death
Slip & Fall
Motorcycle Accidents
Traumatic Brain Injury
Common Carrier Liability
Dog Bites
Bicycle Accidents
Snow Sport accidents
Premises liability
Dangerous Products
Our Team

John is licensed in Virginia and Colorado, and is a graduate of the National College of Advocacy at Harvard University. ​​​​He is an invited member of the Etheridge Society, a select group of lawyers devoted to the representation of medical malpractice victims. 

John concentrates his practice primarily in complex litigation involving traumatic brain injury, defective and dangerous products, catastrophic auto, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, and wrongful death claims. He also serves as a consultant to lawyers, law firms, physicians, and hospitals on all aspects of personal injury law and risk management.

John M. Flora

Outside the office John can be found training on his bikes around Boulder, wading a stream in search of rising trout or behind the lens of his Nikon. He is a professional photographer making images for commercial, editorial and individual use. His other hobbies include skiing, cooking, tinkering, and trading futures. John is fluent in spanish. He lives in Colorado with his wife, his 20 year-old son, and Porsche, their Shepherd-mix. 

Bachelor of Arts - Wake Forest University, Cum Laude - 1981 - 1985

La Universidad De Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain, 1984

Masters in International Business - Moore Business School, University of South Carolina - 1987

Juris Doctor , Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville - 1992

Dena has been an invaluable assistant to John for over 20 years, working her way from the front desk to her current position as a litigation paralegal. In that capacity she is responsible for coordinating hundreds of details that must be accomplished before, during and after trial. From interviewing clients to organizing exhibits and preparing trial notebooks, Dena's attention to detail is unsurpassed. Despite a heavy case load and learning the ins and outs of trial preparation, she managed to complete her Associates Degree at Tidewater Community College in 2000. 


Dena C. Spencer

Outside the office Dena enjoys dancing, country music, amusement parks, pumping iron, spending time with her family, participating in charity events, and is a Master Cupcake Chef. 

Our Team
Practice Areas
Sample Results

Jones v. International Hotel Chain (Premises Liability)

Miller v. Colorado Cab (Common Carrier Liability)

Baby Doe v. ER Doc & XYZ Hospital(Medical Negligence / Wrongful Death)

Romberger v. XYZ Healthcare Corporation (Medical Negligence)

Almond v. City of Virginia Beach (Public Nuisance)

Bergethon v. Daby (Auto/Bicycle Collision)

Weigers v. USA (Federal Tort Claims Act)

Vellines, et. al. v. General Motors (Products liability Class Action)

In re Dow Corning Silicone Breast Implant Litigation (Products Liability Class Action)

Watson v. Constance (Defamation)

Earls v. Northwest Airlines (Negligence/sexual Assault)

Gordon v. TPA (Premises Liability / Defective Design)

Lucy v. Givens, MD (Medical Negligence)

Turner v. theil, MD (Medical Negligence)

Andrews v. Ford/Firestone (Product liability / Defective Manufacture)

Holmes v. Schwenk (Auto Collision Wrongful Death)


Outside the office Dena enjoys dancing, country music, amusement parks, spending time with her family, participating in charity events, and is a Master Cupcake Chef. 

What our Clients are saying

I hired John after I had been hit while biking.  After talking with John I felt really comfortable with having him take over the details of my case and making the decisions regarding how to proceed. It was a huge relief to not have to deal with the insurance companies because I was still emotional about the accident. John was able to recover far more than I ever expected and made the process very easy for me.  

Cindy C.,    Boulder, CO      (Auto v. Bicycle Collision)

I was Hit from behind by an out of control skier . The impact was so severe it knocked me out for a couple of minutes. My family vacation was ruined and I was left with a concussion, a mountain of medical bills, and a fear of ever skiing again. John handled my case against the skier who was from Philadelphia. I am very pleased with the result and John's professionalism. Highly recommend!

Patricia y. ,   Denver, CO      (skier v. skier collision)

I spoke with John a few months before hiring him as my attorney to gain some perspective. My only regret is that I did not retain him to represent my interests from the start. John was very clear in his communication and effective in achieving the best resolution on my behalf. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has suffered an injury at no fault of their own.

John R. F,,   Denver, CO      (Auto collision)

I was hit head-on by a car while out on a training ride. After trying to deal with the insurance companies on my own for two years I couldn’t handle it any longer. I came to John about my case, and he graciously stepped in and worked diligently to help get me what I deserved. It was such a relief to have him lift the burden of the insurance companies off my back. John went further than just working with insurance companies on my behalf: he made sure I saw doctors and got the help I needed to get back on my feet after the accident. It’s thanks to him that I have recovered so quickly. I am extremely grateful for John's hard work with my case, and I highly recommend him to help you through your accident. It's the best decision you can make!   

Eric S.,  Erie, CO      (Auto v. Bike collision)

All Inquiries:

1-855-JMFlora (563-5672) t/f
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